Sunday, December 1, 2013

Return of the kampung burger !

Peek a boo look who's here!  There's something coming in town that goes really well with the curry sauce! Drum roll......


It's the kampung burger! It's back after a long wait if 20 years! Oh gosh it's such a nong nong time! 
It's launching on 5 dec 2013 which is this week! Isn't it great?" Many thanks to omy and McDonald Singapore for the exclusive invitation  to the prelaunch party of the kampung burger.

Here comes the main dish! Kampung burger! Crispy tender chicken , cheese , lettuce topped with juicy tangy pineapple ring and salsa sauce stuffed in between muffin buns .yummy! The freshness ,sweetness from the pineapple with a hint of spice from the salsa sauce completed with the sweet breakfast muffin bun. It's really good to have it on a hot busy and tiring day to perk up your senses , nice! 

The set consist of kampung burger and a large fries along with tropical mango mcfizz  for $7.40.

Kampung burger - "I'm so flushed with all the flattery"

Yeah!  This almost blew my mind away... The BBQ drumlets is a must try! The meat is juicy and tangy marinated with traditional spices such as paprika, garlic and onions.just like the nicely BBQ wings during barbecues  it's just so good! 
Sadly the BBQ drumlets comes separately . Available in 2 piece  and 10 piece for $2 and $9.50 and are only available whilst stock last .so I'm gonna grab them everyday once it launches !

The set is also inclusive of the refreshing tropical mango mcfizz ! The sweetness and abundance mango flavor with a fizzy finish almost perfect for a hot sunny beach day ! Specially for peeps with sweet tooth !

I'm lovin it!

Does anyone remember these toys? They didn't cost much but it brought us many joys ...
My favorite was the plane and the top. And the least favorite is the 5 stones , I have clumsy hands lol .

And since its their  kampung season , McDonald is bringing back their old mascots ! Yeah haven seen them for ages .had always remember them on the walls of McDonald when I'm young .had always like grimace but sadly wasn't able to win the whole set through the very old but entertaining game of scissors , paper , stone.clumsy hands !

Just see how cute grimace is hahah.

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