Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dominos The Gold Rush Golden Chicken

Domino's Launches 4 new yummy-licious baked GOLDEN CHICKEN 
each with their own different sauces and toppings .

Golden Outback Chicken

Golden Mediterranean Chicken

Golden Italiano Chicken

Golden Mexican Chicken

 Key in these discount codes for these benefits!! (Valid till 8th March!)

BLG225A – Free Golden Chicken with Regular pizza purchase
BLG225B – Free Golden Chicken with Large pizza purchase
BLG225C - Free Golden Chicken with Xtra Large pizza purchase
BLG225D - $5.00 for Golden Chicken

1. Log on to 
2. Register if you don't have an existing account
3. For existing customers, click 'order now' and log in
4. Redeem vouchers by keying in discount code 

Click here to find out how to win attractive prizes when you purchase from Domino's!!!

are you ready to collect these stickers?
 i know i am !

details of my dress for the event from btssb 

heres my take on their Golden Chicken logo.

 the winners for the best dressed male/female and the drawing of goldenchicken =D



Photo credits @ihe Influencer Network


  1. I just love chickens....thanks for this just make me hungry.

  2. Aw, I would love to have a taste of the Mediterranean and the Italiano varieties! This is definitely right up my alley! They look crisp and yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the pizza at Domino's Their chicken also looks really tasty.

  4. long heard of good reviews about dominos pizza but i've never tried them out! but i'm not a big fan of pizza in the first place.
    and i spy some familiar faces in your photos! hehe!

  5. Hahah, so you went to the event! I should have gone for it so that I can meet you! Anyway, Domino's pizzas are good, but I love their lava cake BEST!

  6. Domino offers good pizza but chicken stuff, Guess I have to try those 4 yummy chicken stuffs for me to have my answer.

  7. It's never a good idea to read about pizza when you just woke up hungry, haha! Golden outback looks really good and I'm sure the hubby will go for the one with the shrimp.

  8. Domino's has always been there but is not so visible, so we end up eating in Pizza Hut or Shakeys. We should try it out one day.

  9. Made me hungry! Domino's here I come! Love their new flavourful chickens.

  10. I'm craving for pizza now!!! huuuu!

  11. I find it amusing how you put those cute drawings on the food, sort of reminding me of line stickers. :) How good is the chicken? They look so visually appealing.

  12. Salivating looking at your pics, all are delicious!

  13. We loves to eat Domino Pizza.. Their home delivery service is really superb!~

  14. The pictures are beautiful, but it's a bit late to use those coupons. Bon Appétit!