Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dominos Cheesy Crust!

Pizza lovers are  you ready?








Introducing the cheesy crust! Cheesy crust is made from hand stretched dough and filled with melted mozzarella cheese coated with garlic and herbs for an extremely cheesy tangy flavor .finished with Parmesan cheese and mixture of breadcrumbs with parsley for another burst of flavor and crunch.

Taste test! Yum yum yum ....
Domino also assure , all delivery orders come with Dominic's pizza standard satisfaction guarantee , 30 mins delivery and free delivery charges ! Satisfied quality of pizza is the best!

Customers can enjoy cheesy crust pizzas with any of their favorite toppings plus now with the 2 pizza deals offering at a fantastic value of $22 for 2 regular pizzas and $33 for 2 large pizzas. Surcharge of $2(regular) and$4( regular) applies for the classics range and$4 ( regular) and $6( large) for first class pizza range respectively .

I want more! More cheese!

Golden roasted drumlets 

Mmmmmmmm.... Yum!

Chicken crunchies

And my favorite sweet box!

This chocolate lava is just damn goey good!

Dominos new cheesy crust is now available at all domino stores in sg .interested parties can also call , log in to its website or through dominos iPhone app to place orders.
And lastly a big thank you to dominos marketing manger for the i
Invitation :).

More details
               Tel: 62226333

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