Sunday, December 22, 2013

Domino appreciation night

Special thanks to dominos for the invitation to their appreciation party ! 
Friday specially liked dominos pizza too, hence I include him in haha

I'm also a pizza lover too, once I had eaten the first slice,it would be a eat till no tml hahaha.

Really liked their poster design .

And tons of balloons! Almost wanted to grab some home .

And tons of food !!! I see lava cake! Yeah!

StArted off with their finger food ... Drumlets are still my fav!

And Wala pizza! And they brought it their newest product, cheesy crust!

The winners of the night:) 

Pizza pizza! Yeah yeah yeah !

And this is Domino's current promotion! 
And it's just in time for Christmas and count down gatherings .
Through the party, the domino crew shared with us some unknown facts about dominos and they are really cool! 

Firstly , in dominos, all their food are prepared solely by oven, not microwave oven ,but a baking oven .even their lava cakes and onion rings .which is actually a healthier way of cooking food . Drinks excluded though .

Secondly, through domino's website we can register up to 5 different addresses and it's changeable.just to make ordering online much easier and for consumers.

Thirdly ,advance booking or ordering are also available in dominos.up to 7 days in advance and dominos would contact back on the actual day in the morning to confirm the booking. That is a really thoughtful service. 

Lastly, dominos also has their own GPS checker , yes for their pizzas .then consumers would know where their order is, be it in the oven or on its way ... Now I dun need to wait aimlessly for my pizza to arrive any more hahaha . 

Dominos just made pizza ordering much pleasant ! Thank you dominos and omy !

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