Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cheapskate bf

The expensive gf . My opinion on the cheapskate bf controversy .
First thing a having steady with a guy doesn't mean he's is his money that's his money ,it's his decision how he will spend his money.your just a girlfriend basically girl-friend as long as your not his wife.

Second , if seeing yur friends bf bring them out to expensive dinners and makes your eye red,then go get their bf loh. In the first place sushi Tei is also an expensive restaurant and the food is decent I don't find anything cheap skate about it .dont stomp sushi Tei to yur level of expensive .

Third a guy has so many reponsiblities ,depending on his priorities not everyone has a well off back ground to give the girl-friend lavish gifts and dinners plus he's still a student,students are suppose to be prioritizing on studies not slashing out money on a demanding gf and wasting his future on this kinda girl.

Lastly sincerely isn't cheapskate ! Cheapskate is when u won 1 million and you only get your friends some 10 cent candy . Now That's cheapskate ! What's most important is the guy treats his other half well.dont need to be rich to dote on the girl. Just need to know how to support the girl the needs not the wants . 

Ps. Fish is a awesome guy!

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