Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kobe bouchée ( green tea)

Kobe bouchée is 2 fluffy mini sponge cake with soft, light creamy mousse right in the middle. It's one one my favorite snack for tea time. I had always loved their strawberry mousse flavored bouchée but because its seasonal . It's not available all year round . This year they had just created a new flavor . Its green tea sponge cake with green tea mousse.

Having sank yur teeth down into the soft and fluffiness of the sponge cake and having thick but yet lightly flavored green tea mouse melting on yur tongue .hmmmm .

The bouchée wasn't heavy nor it was too light or too sweet . Would be nice for people who likes light pastries . And they are even pack individually. Convenient for storage . Love this !!!

Takashimaya B2 Kobe fugetsudo

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