Friday, July 1, 2011

19th June Cookie Museum + Daddy day

its the day my hair got entangled with the hair dryer motor,
and i also had forgotton to bring my camera memory card .
so i brought the heavy G12 camera out  for nothing  -_-""
so photos were mostly credited via Meow phone camera

we had tea @ Cookie museum
sadly shepherd pie had already been removed off the menu .

camera test 1

camera test 2

frosted choco mint

i had ice cream instead
i love the cream flavour on the top 

meow's spicy salmon quinche

smiley macaroon out of the bag

my hair style of the day
im having a good hair day =D

got something for dad as well
ya cakes again lol
strawberry short cake and green tea cake both from canele
the yummy macaroon are from there as well.
and we both had an issue with the macaroons LOL
i'll up date about it soon
so stay tuned <3

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