Wednesday, May 25, 2011

prenz for mum

this is what i got for my mum recently
strawberry tarts from Perla's pasty boutique @ takashimaya

which my Mum totally loves it and...

finished the whole tart in the next morning with dad even before i woke up .. =(
other then the tart,i had also intended to get her Juchheim Tegebekku cookies.
but its not available in the store yet .

 its a pity its not available instock
  it looks soo yummy on the display !!!

Takashimaya Sg Basement 2 Japan Confectionery Zone

Perla's Pastry Boutique
Takashimaya Food Hall #B2-O8-04A
Near Cold Storage Entrance 


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  2. Love the strawberries on top, hope it was sweet in taste.

  3. yup its sweet ,and they also have mixed berries tarts which has a slight sour taste also not so bad. =)